Projects in Progress

I don’t have anything finished to show at the moment, but I have a bunch of in-progress projects!

IMG_7085Project Life, of course.  I’m currently working on November, but I have the journaling caught up through mid-March.  My book runs April 1st to April 1st and I’m 99% convinced that I’m taking the digital plunge this year.  It’s cheaper, smaller (I’m getting overrun with albums), and there won’t be a delay in getting photos printed (I send off my prints for everything except October/ December Daily) so I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up with it.  We’ll see.

IMG_7087Photo Editing.  I was working on that PL Layout for November and I saw in my notes that we had gone to the sand park.  I decided to check on the waterproof camera to see if I had taken any pics and I found a ton of cute pics from this summer!  I love to take our waterproof camera into the pool, but I never think to pull the pictures off of it.  Side note: I <3 this camera.  We thought about getting Kate a toddler camera, but honestly they don’t take very good pictures.  And we already had this one that was supposed to be shock proof.  While I wouldn’t spend this much money on a camera to give my 3 year old, it’s been perfect!



Packaging Wipes.  Just trying to pad the old spending money before I go scrapbooking.  If I make it that long.  There are some mid year released calling my name!  ::cough cough:: Crate Paper ::cough cough::  Speaking of, I really wanted to get June and July of 2012 finished up by the end of the month, but I think I’m going to give myself a pass until I can get my hands on the new Crate Paper.  It’s just so perfect for swimming pictures!



Felt Alpha Set.  Speaking of spending money, I’m working on a felt alphabet set.  I would really *love* to get it done by Friday, but I’m not sure that it’s physically possible.  ::fingers crossed::



Gardening.  So far so good!  We bought a few more plants this weekend, but the guy at the nursery recommended that we wait until after Wednesday to plant them since we’re having a wee bit of a cold snap here.  I’m hoping that our already planted veggies survive!

Alright then, I’m off to stitch some more.  Wish me luck!  :)



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