Photo Flip Scrapbook Page

IMG_5106I thought that this page turned out really cute.


I even got super fancy with the title and pulled out my DIY Thickers and some Doodlebug Flocking.

Imagine my frustration when I found 2 more photos that were supposed to be included about 10 minutes after I finished.  Grr…  I certainly wasn’t redoing the whole page so I decided to add a little flip up section.



It’s a super simple technique.  I taped 2 photos back to back and then set them directly on top of another photo.  I attached it with a wee bit of washi tape along the top to make a hinge.


I reinforced it with another bit of washi on the backside.  Clear as mud?


Here it is with the flap down.  I’ll cut a corresponding flap into the page protector so that you can see all of the pictures without removing the page.  I have a tendency to print *way* too many pictures and this is a great way to get them all into Kate’s book.  Let me know if you try it!


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