Conversation Hearts Centerpiece

I loved the peppermint ones so much that I decided to make some with conversation hearts!

I decided to make these smaller for 2 reasons.  1.  The conversation hearts are smaller and I wanted the scale to make sense.  2.  I wanted to reuse the red stripped juice glasses that I bought for Christmas as the base.

I thought that the print quality was a little sub par, but I guess that’s part of the charm?

I followed the same kind of pattern that I did with the peppermints (thought I did briefly consider trying some kind of soccer ball pattern involved the addition of red hots) and then coated the whole thing with hair spray.  Incidentally, when I was at Hobby Lobby last week I saw that Mod Podge makes a *spray* sealer.  I think that a great big can of that just might be in my future.  :)

I think that they turned out super cute!  I cant wait for Valentine’s Day!

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