Laminator Review

Michael got me a laminator for Christmas!  Y’all, I’m probably more excited about this than any normal person would be, but I am *so freaking excited* about this!!!

It’s beautiful isn’t it.  Best part?  It’s only $30.  Seriously!

First I cut out a bunch of hearts and arrows using my Cricut.  Side note: I’m super excited to start on Valentine’s Day crafts!

Then you put the stuff you want laminated into a little pouch.  You get 100 of them for $15.  That’s super cheap!

I was a little worried that all of the hearts could shift around since I had to tilt the pouch a bit to put it in the machine, but I needn’t have worried.  I mean, you need to be careful and go slowly, but I didn’t have to glue them down or anything like I was afraid of.

The machine sucks them through and then they come out all perfectly laminated!  Squee!!!!

When I was teaching I had an unhealthy addiction fondness for the laminating machine.  I’m working on some fun stuff right now that I’ll put up on the blog soon!  :)

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