Felt Christmas Tree

I caved.  Everyone and their dog has made this felt Christmas tree.  I’ve seen it all over Pinterest.  I decided that I had to make it.  (It required a lot or arm twisting.  ::wink wink::)  I didn’t have a large enough piece of felt on hand, so I decided to cut each tier for the tree separately and then stitch them together.  Then I added a trunk and a star.

I thought about trying to attach it to the wall with ticky tack or something, but I ended up just stapling it.

Now for the ornaments.  The great thing about this tree is that it’s made of felt so ornaments made of felt stick to it.  I cut out a bunch of circles and well, for lack of a better word, ornament shapes.  Basically circles with triangles on top and bottom.

Then I cut out a bunch of rectangles to use as stripes.

Initially I wasn’t going to attach the stipes permanently, I was going to let Kate stick them to the felt and move them around at will.  Then Michael pointed out that she would have a blast if I let her glue them together.  Girl loves glue.  I picked up some sequins too.

She loved sorting the sequins into this little mold.  It’s from Ikea and I think it was originally meant for ice cubes.

When I cut the stripes, I was envisioning something like this.  These are 2 that I made.  Let’s just say that Kate’s far from a minimalist.

Kate was thrilled that I let her use the glue.

Kate very carefully put four stripes on the ornament.  She wanted to add more but I convinced her that they just wouldn’t fit.  Really I was concerned that if it got too heavy they wouldn’t stick to the tree.

Next up sequins!

We both had a ton of fun with this project.

I told her that the ornaments had to dry overnight before she could put them on the tree. The next morning she ran over to the tree first thing to play with it.

I love it when she gets so excited about a crafty project!







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3 Responses to Felt Christmas Tree

  1. Rachel says:

    Fun!! I have been meaning to do this. My kids would love it. Do you mind my asking how much it cost for everything? I don’t have any felt.

    • Raptor Mama says:

      Funnily enough, the only thing I had to buy was the pack of sequins. (I have an embarrassingly large amount of felt.) I would think that you could make the tree with a 1/2 a yard of green and an 1/8 of a yard of each color you want for the ornaments. That plus the glue and sequins… less than $10 I would think.

  2. Mimi says:

    I love this project. Kate looks like she really got into it!

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