October Daily Part 3

Last one I promise!  :)

Day 22/ 23.  The back of page 22 is blank except for a few stickers and some washi tape.  That’s why I like doing a front and back page instead of a 2 page spread.  It gives you more options.

Day 23/ 24.  Story time pics on a transparency.

Day 24/ 25. Pumpkin patch!  This one is right next to our house so we ran over one evening and met Libby and Will.  This pic is my fav!  Obviously Libby took it.  :)

Day 25.  The kids were so over pumpkins by this point.

Day 25/26.  Birthday party at Home Depot.  (Did you know you could do this?  So cool.  All of the kids got to make a birdhouse.)

Day 26/27. Chocolate apples and oranges.  (Kate’s been eating the sprinkles.  She doesn’t have goth lipstick, promise.)

Day 27/28.  Playing at the Park for All Abilities.  Super fun.

Day 28.  More park pics.  (They’re in focus promise.  It’s harder than you think to take a picture of a picture and have it be in focus.)

Day 28/29.  I thought that Kate was going to be all over carving pumpkins, but she was not impressed.

Day 29/30.  She was much happier paining a pumpkin.  New felt project in the works.

Day 30/31.  Another Libby pic.  Yay!  We took the kids down to the fall festival put on by the city.  Fun.  :)

Day 31.  I just realized that this is the only pic of my in this book.  Might need to work on that for December Daily.

Day 31.  Trick or Treat!  We always cheat and go to my mom’s house so I can take a Trick or Treat picture while it’s still light out.  :)

Day 31.  Then we trick or treated in our neighborhood for the first time per Kate’s request.

Day 31.  <3

The back page has another fun pic from Kelly!

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