October Daily Part 2

Continuing from where we left off…

Day 12/13.  We took Kate to see Brave at the dollar theatre.  :)  I just glued the tickets right in.  I’m never super worried about the “archivalness” of things, and I’m not worried about them *at all* in a book like October Daily.  I didn’t even use page protectors.  lol.

Day 13/14.  I tried to cook dinner.  If you know anything about my cooking, you’ll know that the poison stickers are appropriate.  :)

Day 14/ 15.  Just some general craftiness.

Day 15/ 16: Kate got a new puzzle.

Day 16/ 17.  Innerspace Caverns with my Dad.

Day 17/18.  I totally punched the holes for this page backwards.  Whoops.  On a regular page, I would have tried to find a way to remake this “correctly” but like I said, I’m pretty go with the flow where mini-books are concerned.

Day 18/ 19. Halloween party!  There are several pages for this one.  :)

Day 19.  Kate’s costume.

Day 19.  Guests.

Day 19/ 20.  Birthday party.  I used the knock outs punch thingy on this one.  See the stars?  Love it.

Day 20.  Baby cousin.

Day 20/ 21.  Grand Mimi.

Day 21/22.  TV.

I’ll do one more October Daily post on Monday and then it’s on to Christmas stuff!  All of my December Daily paper came in today and I can’t wait to start playing with it!

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