October Daily Part 1

So, I realize that I already blogged some layouts from my October Daily, but I finally finished everything including the covers and took new pictures.  I think it’s neat to see the album as a whole (especially seeing how the different page sizes/ transparencies work) so I’m posting the whole shebang again.  :)  The way I structured it is that each day gets one page front and back and then I add pages as needed.  It’s different because the 2 pages are not a traditional spread, but I like it this way.  It gives me more freedom to tell the stories I want to tell.

This post will be heavy on the pictures and light on the text so please leave comments if you want more info on products or techniques!  (No seriously, please post comments.  I <3 them.)

Front cover.  I wanted to use acrylic pages for the covers, but I couldn’t find any!  So I used the chipboard from the back of the paper pack (and stole the chipboard from the back of my friend’s paper pack) to make some.  The lovely Kelly from Happy Soul Photography took this awesome picture of Kate at a fundraiser.  <3

Day 1.  Pumpkin counting work.

Days 1/2. Mailing invitations.

Days 2/3.  Cooking and gymnastics.

Days 3/4.  Day 4 is on a transparency so you can see day 5 peeking through.

Day 4/5.  Playing in the back yard.

Day 5.  I had a bunch of cute pictures from the 5th so I added an additional smaller page.  You can see day 6 peeking through.

Day 5/6.  Pumpkin patch!

Day 6.  Obviously I needed an extra page for the 6th.  :)

Day 6/7.  In the past (December Dailies) I’ve made sure that each day has at least 1 full 6×6 page.  I decided that didn’t matter anymore.  I like the flexibility  especially if I’m using a hipstamatic print from my phone which prints 4×4.

Day 7/8.  Speaking of hipstamatic, I loved mixing phone pics and “real camera” pics in this project!  Makes it much easier to keep up with and gives the pages more variety.

Day 8/9. Family walk.

Day 9/10.  Decorations.

Day 10/11.  I love layering pages.  You can see day 12 peeking through and since it’s a transparency you can see a bit of day 13.  <3

Day 11/12.  Kate and her bestie Will decorated cookies on the 12th.  His mama, the fantastically talented Libby of Libby Ann Photography, took this picture of them.  ::swoon::  How cute are they?!?

I’ll post part 2 on Friday and part 3 on Monday so be sure to check back for those.  :)


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  1. Kelly says:

    It looks SO good! What a treasure. <3

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