Turkey Button Activity

You guys get a bonus post today!  Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I had all of these awesome Thanksgiving crafty projects running through my head.  (That’s what I get for looking at Pinterest after work.)  What’s a girl to do except bust out the felt and go with it?  :)

I finished up his little face this morning.  Kate loves it!  You don’t get a picture tutorial because there’s only so much I can fix in post when I’m crafting in the dark at 1AM.  That and operating the camera in a Benadryl fog seemed like a bad idea at the time.  lol.  It was super simple to make though.  I made a template out of some product packaging and cut out 6 feathers.  Then I traced a plate for the body and cut it out.  I found some old buttons in my scrapping stash and stitched them on and then cut little slits in the feathers for button holes.

I just freehanded the body and feet.  I ran a sharpie along the edge of the head/ neck to outline it since I only had 1 color of brown felt.  This project probably took about an hour and a half all told and it was super simple.  Inspiration comes from My Montessori Journey by way of Pink and Green Mama.

ETA: Y’all, another blog featured this post! Squee!!! Go check it out.

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  1. Julie says:

    Loved this so much, I featured it this weeks Mom’s Library Link-Up. Hop over a grab an I was Featured on Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk button! Can’t wait to see what you have to link up this week!

    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

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