October Daily

2 of my scrapping buddies talked me into doing October Daily this year. Essentially, we’re doing a December Daily, but in October. Y’all, I was pretty resistant at first, but I *love* Halloween. LOVE it! The base of my album is the new Authentique line, Enchanted. I’m also going to be using scraps from previous years. It will be structured like my December Daily: 6×6 pages with one sheet (front and back) per day. On days that I have more to say, I’ll add in extra pages.

I still need to construct the covers (I’m thinking acrylic?) I’m a little behind since I was finally convinced to join this madness on October 1st. :) I’ll likely have a few posts with my best pages unless there’s more interest in which case I’ll post more. Mom? Mimi? Bueller? (This is me soliciting comments in case you were confused. 😉 )

Without further ado, here’s page 1. It’s totally staged. Kate really does love this game, but she wasn’t in the mood to do it at the time I decided to do October Daily. Luckily she’s a huge ham so she agreed once I told her that I just wanted to take pictures. :)


I also made invitations for her playgroup Halloween party on the 1st so I included one on the back page.


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2 Responses to October Daily

  1. Jennifer P says:

    Umm, yes I want to see all the pages. Duh!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I’m with J.P. –I want to see them ALL!!!

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