Pointillism Fail

This seemed like such a good idea when I saw it on Pinterest.  Trust me, it’s not.  At least not if you have a 3 year old.

We started off strong.  I drew a circle on some paper, gave Kate a Q-tip and told her to go to town with the yellow paint.

She started with some nice, controlled dots.  I may have gotten a bit overconfident at this point.  Never a good sign.

Then Kate got impatient with small controlled dots.  She started ::gasp:: globbing paint.  It’s really not her fault.  After all, she and I do share 50% of out DNA.

Sadly, that didn’t stop me from getting frustrated with her.  ::sigh::  I wish that I had limitless patience.  In reality, we put the paint away for 5 minutes and started again when we were both in a calmer frame of mind.

Side note: apparently I suck at mixing paint.  When using crayola finger paints, yellow and red do not in fact make orange.  They make more red, regardless of how much yellow you add.  Truly, it defies logic.  She really wanted to do some blue. so I had her work on the sky.

And here’s our finished project!  Clearly I couldn’t find the brown paint.  What can I say, art is about the process!  Not the product!  :)

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