Ribbon Pumpkin Tutorial

Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday.  So we’re going to get started with the halloween crafts a little early, m’kay?  Just be glad that I waited until September was halfway over to start.  (I’ve been pinning stuff since mid August.)

First up is a ribbon pumpkin from Pinterest.  The original had you hot gluing ribbon on the pumpkins, but I decided to go with mod podge instead.

I found these cute tiny little pumpkins at HEB and I couldn’t resist.  I knew they would be perfect for this project.  I had a tiny bit of bat trim left over from 2 years ago (I think it was Making Memories?) and I bought some black ricrack and Martha Stewart washi tape from Joannes.  Honestly, I was hoping to find more black trims at Joannes, but I had to settle for the washi tape instead.

I painted a strip of mod podge on the pumpkin and then set the first piece of trim in one of the grooves.

Then I painted more mod podge over the top.  Side note: I love mod podge.  It is seriously stinky, but it’s awesome.

After the bats, I added the ricrack.

Then I added the washi tape and painted a coat of mod podge over the entire pumpkin.  The trim worked a lot better than the washi tape, but I’m still pleased with the look of the pumpkin overall.

And yes, I use the Valentine’s Day table cloth as a crafting table cloth.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Christina, I think I probably have some black trims.
    You will have the see the Halloween quilt I am doing
    now. I call it, “The Witch Is In”.

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