Preschool Cubby

Kate’s starting at a Montessori preschool tomorrow ::cue panicking:: and we had to decorate a cubby for her.  I’ll be honest, it was a little hard for me to step back and let her do it herself because I wanted it to be perfect, but I also thought it was important for her to have ownership over it.  The preschool director might have mentioned that too.

Our only parameters were that it had to have her name on it.  My initial idea was to embroider some felt letters and glue them on, but since that was pretty much the opposite of letting Kate do it herself I had to scrap that.

Then I had the idea of buying wooden letters and having her paint them.  It would still look neat (neat as in clean) but it would allow her to be part of the creative process.  Win win.

We got the letters to spell her name (twice since they come in a 2 pack) 2 hears and 2 flowers.  The had some other awesome shapes, but they came pre-painted.  Lame!  We let her lose with some paint and she had a blast.  Somehow I seem to have missed taking pictures of the painting.  Then Michael helped her glue to shapes down.

Here’s the finished cubby!  I just hope the glue holds up.

And here’s Kate’s opinion of me taking so many pictures.

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