Happy Father’s Day!

I take these pictures every year and frame them in a triptych frame from Ikea.  I have them all hung together and it’s really cool to see how much bigger Kate’s gotten and how much my photography has improved.  The first year I had to have my mom take the pictures.  :)

Kate wasn’t really in the mood for pictures when we took these, but I think I still got some good ones.  It was a hot out and we had a bit of a walk to get to the location that I wanted to try.  Note to self: get your stuff together the night before so you can leave before it’s 1000 degrees outside.  Next year, I’ll also make sure to paint both sides of the letters.  Kate thought it was funny to mess with me and show the wrong side.  Also?  She prefers the letter A to the letter D.  The pics were almost ADA instead.  Or AAA.  I had a lot of cute As.  :)

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