Gardening with the Raptor

So, we live in Texas, also known as the surface of the sun.  It may be only March, but it’s already getting too hot to play outside.  We set up the kiddie pool today because the water table just wasn’t cutting it.  :)

Santa brought Kate a really cool playscape this year for Christmas, but the plastic slide is getting too hot for her to use.  We decided to try and shade the slide so Michael headed over to Home Depot for supplies.  He’s so awesome y’all.  It came out way cooler than I was expecting.  He even made a place for Kate to have a little planter box.  She is thrilled.

On the recommendation of my mother-in-law, we decided to put some morning glory in a few little pots.  They are supposed to do well in full scorching sun.  ::fingers crossed::  I tried to have Kate help put soil in the pots, but most of the soil ended up on the deck or on her face.  Eh, she had fun doing it.


Then we added the seeds and some water.  (Duh.)  We did 4 pots.

Here you can see the pots in place on the slide shade contraption.  The pots slide right down into it.  ::love::

Kate is super excited to have some plants in her “house.”  She’s in charge of watering them every day.  We’ll see how long I can keep them alive.  :)

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