Crock Pot Fail!

Flush with success from my crock pot beans, I decided to try out a tofu recipe.  It sounded delicious.  I mean, orange, honey, and soy sauce.  What’s not to love?

I started off my sautéing the tofu in a little bit of butter with some garlic per the recipe.  Side note: let’s all pretend like my stove is sparkling clean.  I actually considered spending an hour trying to photoshop out the mess.  Perhaps next time I’ll just spend 30 seconds cleaning the stove instead.

The recipe called for 1/4 of a cup of orange juice, but we don’t keep juice in the house.  I used my lime squeezer to juice some clementines instead.  Incidentally, I found that it’s much easier to juice them with the peels still on so I switched to that method right after taking this photo.  I threw the crushed (and peeled) oranges into the crock pot for a bit of fiber.  Even after adding the soy and honey, it didn’t seem like enough liquid, but it ended up being fine.  At least with regards to the liquid.

I put in some broccoli like the recipe called for and I added a bit of squash because we like veggies.  Perhaps I should have stuck with the recipe…

It looked (and smelled) great.  The last hour I threw in some quinoa since that worked so well with the beans.  It’s at about this point that it all started to go downhill.  The quinoa didn’t cook (probably because there wasn’t enough liquid), the veggies were totally mushy, and the sauce was pretty flavorless (maybe I should have stuck with the juice?)

Final verdict?  Well, Kate and Michael both felt the need to rinse their mouths after tasting it so we ordered pizza.  I might have to break up with my crock pot.

I think I would totally try this recipe again, just not in a crock pot.  The sauce has a lot of potential and if the veggies were just lightly steamed I think it would have been great.

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