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DIY Wine Charms

Y’all, my baby sister is getting married!  I am so so excited for her.  She had an engagement party a few weeks ago and asked me if I could make her some wine charms.  After checking out her pinterest boards, … Continue reading

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Mah Planner!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been working on creating my own planner.  I want to love my iPhone’s calendar, I really do, but we had to break up after I updated the OS and it … Continue reading

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I finished my planner!

At least, it’s finished for now.  I might end up designing some more pages later.  I emailed the girl I bought the original files from to see if she minds me sharing pics of my modified ones here on the … Continue reading

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On Organizing and my Travel Journals

I went over to my friend’s house yesterday and was once again totally jealous of how organized and clutter free her house is.  After some word vomit on my part about how I couldn’t possible organize my pantry because it’s … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Teacher Gift

Kate’s preschool teachers are amazing.  We totally love them so I like to send in little treats every once in a while.  This was a Pinterst find, of course.    It even included the printable! Excuse the blurry picture.  My … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

Kate got an awesome doll house for Christmas today. Let’s just say that there was some assembly required. So awesome! She got some of the furniture for her birthday this summer. I love this stuff! In fact I may have … Continue reading

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Park Bag

So as I said, we were at the park last week hanging out with a friend and I was super impressed with how prepared she was.  She had chalk, buckets, shovels, a blanket…  all of the things that I always … Continue reading

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Mod Podge Letters

Let the Christmas crafts begin! I had so much fun making these! It was a pretty simple supply list.  I bought some cardboard letters at Joannes to use as the base.  I had planned on using wooden ones, but I … Continue reading

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Turkey Clothes Pin Color Match

I came across this gem and knew I had to make it for Kate because how cute is it!  I started by painting some clothes pins to be the feathers. I cut the edge off of a paper plate to … Continue reading

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Longhorn Napkins

A friend of mine, who is a huge Longhorns fan, wanted some napkins to send to preschool with her twins.  I couldn’t find any longhorn flannel, but I think I came up with something cute that fits the theme.   … Continue reading

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