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Keeping it Real

I had a hard week.  Last Wednesday our house got broken into.  Everyone is fine and they didn’t take much, but still I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week dealing with the logistics of getting an alarm system … Continue reading

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Outfit of Choice

    Raptor and I are on vacation!  Here’s a little gem to brighten your day.  Why yes, she did dress herself.  Why do you ask?  😉

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Slight Delay

I’ll post a layout this afternoon.  Raptor and I are headed out to the pool at present.  

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Faux LOAD and Goals Update

I actually did pretty well with my April goals, especially considering that they were pretty ambitious.  I have a few more layouts to finish for April and a bit for photo editing for last year’s Project Life, but aside from … Continue reading

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Update to come

I’m a bit behind today, but I have a cool idea that I’ll hopefully finish and get up today.  It all depends on how nap time goes.    Now that spring break os over things shold get back to normal … Continue reading

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Laminated Heart Letter Match

Kate has a magnetic chalk board now and I’m so excited to start using it!  First project, a little something to get us in the Valentine’s Day mood while working on letter recognition.     I started by cutting out … Continue reading

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Guess who got Lightroom for Christmas?  And a laminating machine?  😀  I didn’t even know you could get one for your house.  Let’s just say that RaptorDad is the best hubby ever. Sorry I’ve been MIA this week, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

Kate got an awesome doll house for Christmas today. Let’s just say that there was some assembly required. So awesome! She got some of the furniture for her birthday this summer. I love this stuff! In fact I may have … Continue reading

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Tissue Paper Decoupage

I bought some bleeding tissue paper (the colors bleed, we’re not doing Dexter crafts over here) awhile ago for Kate to play with and then I forgot about it.  Today she really wanted to do a project (not coloring or stickers!) and … Continue reading

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Bento Box

I just packed Kate’s lunch for preschool tomorrow. It’s in a lunchbots bento box. I’m sending her with strawberries, turkey, celery bites and a few wheat thins. The celery bites are just celery with some sunbutter. I wasn’t sure how … Continue reading

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